For our latest GSA blog, our Ireland-based Operations Director, Phillip Storey places the spotlight on E-spray, a 2020 addition to our COVID-fighting equipment arsenal.

What is it?
E-spray is the brand name for a lightweight, cordless and easy-to-use spraying tool.  The handheld tool, powered by a lithium battery, was added to the GSA toolbox earlier in 2020 and is used regularly across all of our cleaning programmes for our retail, distribution and office client sites, throughout the UK and Ireland.

What is it used for?
The equipment is particularly suited to reach those tight corners and hidden spots, where germs and bacteria can settle and from there, spread to other areas.  The GSA team use it widely to disinfect computer keyboards, touch screen equipment and telephones as part of our planned cleaning programmes for corporate office clients.  Tills and checkout areas are other areas – for our retail clients – that benefit from the use of the equipment.

How does it work?
The process is called electrostatic hygienisation.  The sanitising solution is sprayed directly on to the surfaces to be cleaned – for example, a computer keyboard – using an electrostatic applicator.  An electrical charge is applied to the sanitising solution as it sprayed, creating a charge within the molecules of the solution.  This charge ensures the molecules of the spray keep an even distance from each other, and at the same time are attracted to the surface being treated (the strength of the charged particles is greater than gravity which ensures the spray goes directly on to the surface of the item being sprayed, rather than falling to the ground or elsewhere).  This process of electrostatic hygienisation is particularly powerful in fighting COVID-19, offering 360-degree coverage of those often difficult to reach and hidden spots.

The benefits of E-Spray
E-Spray is lightweight, powerful and very comfortable for cleaning staff to use.  It is powered by a lithium battery that allows office, retail and distribution centre cleaning teams to carry out hygienisation work for several hours, freely and anywhere, without being tied down by a cable.

Commenting on this latest piece in the GSA cleaning kit, Phillip said:

“Giving our clients the peace of mind of a safe and clean environment for their staff and customers is our number one priority at GSA.  As a company, we continuously review our equipment and cleaning methodologies, to ensure we deliver a first-class, cost-effective cleaning service for every client.

He added, “The use of this latest piece of equipment has been welcomed by both clients and staff alike.  Clients are pleased with the level of coverage and minimal disruption to business. Our cleaning teams have also welcomed the E-spray too, commenting that the equipment is easy to use and allows them to comprehensively sanitise and protect client sites more efficiently than if they were completing by hand.”

To find out more about GSA’s wide-ranging cleaning solutions and to discuss your specific COVID-19 cleaning needs, why not get in touch today?


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