GSA has a number of ethical and environmental commitments involving areas of its business.

We are proud to be working with clients to help them transform their waste management processes, focusing on sustainable solutions rather than landfill.

Our service

Our experienced management team undertake surveys and audits to ascertain the best recycling solutions for our clients.

The key focus is to understand what, where and how waste is being generated and disposed of. This enables us to devise strategies that provide sustainable solutions which are practical to implement.

Waste & Recycling Services:

  • Complete recycling service
  • Specialist waste recycling
  • Organic and food waste recycling
  • Confidential shredding
  • Zero waste solutions
  • Fibre recycling and trading


GSA is committed to make the waste and recycling operations simple, clean and efficient, reducing the time and effort to dispose of waste.

From a management perspective, this is paramount - reducing rather than increasing the time spent on the operation, enabling clients’ staff to concentrate on their key activities. GSA also aims to help reduce the overall waste budget.

  • Emphasis on maximising the sustainable performance of client operations
  • Simple processes which realise recycling targets
  • Innovative processes
  • Closed loop recycling

Our Experience of Working Towards Zero Waste

GSA’s expert team has experience of working with a variety of organisations focusing on how to recycle waste and helping to reduce levels of waste arising in the first place.

This has included identifying more difficult to recycle materials and working with specialists to find alternative options of recycling and disposal.

Taking a holistic approach to waste management and company operations such as procurement is critical to the success of recycling operations.

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