GSA is committed to providing the highest quality customer service and care based upon
our core values of:

  • Reputation
  • Reliability
  • Responsibility
  • Reward

The details of our quality management system are detailed in our Quality Manual which is available on request. The directors and senior management team are dedicated to providing the highest quality of customer service and care, giving full recognition and adherence to any agreed specification, through its service delivery.

GSA is very proud of our client retention record and this has been a key part of our organic growth.
In order to monitor the performance of our service delivery all members of our Operational Team are issued with tablets which are programmed with iAuditor, cleaning auditing management software.

This software enables us to monitor the performance and service delivery standards at each of our clients’ sites on a monthly basis (or as frequently required by a client). Each area of a building can be broken down into measurable areas, which in turn can be broken down into individual tasks – all of which can be audited for standards. The audits can be a joint audit undertaken with a client which is verified and signed electronically when complete. This procedure is transparent and removes the subjective element of determining whether an area is clean or not; or indeed it could highlight an issue which is not cleaning related e.g. problems relating to maintenance or the building fabric.

This system enables our Operational Team and our Executive Team to monitor performance and review trend analysis via this efficient method of cleaning audit information.

GSA’s Help Desk Team ensures that any issues and actions recorded on the system are followed up within agreed service level parameters. In addition clients are provided with this information both through their direct link into our client portal and our monthly reports.

GSA has invested in a bespoke app for our team which enables them to keep track of

  • staff
  • equipment
  • site hours
  • payroll information
  • consumables usage
  • audit history
  • pre-planned periodical work
  • client specific information
  • changes to specifications

As a matter of course there is a daily visual check on each site by our supervisory staff to ensure that any issues are dealt with efficiently and proactively.

Bespoke reports are developed, compiled and completed for clients to provide them with the exact information which they require. These reports are produced at an agreed frequency to ensure that the monitoring of every service which GSA delivers is reviewed at optimum intervals.