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GSA is committed to minimising environmental impacts related to all our services and operations, both now and for the future.

Paramount to this is the ongoing communication between our customers, suppliers and site managers/supervisors to develop environmental best practice.


GSA’s Environmental Policy is reviewed by the senior management team on a regular basis.

GSA will always strive to:

  • Adopt the highest environmental standards in all areas of operation, meeting and exceeding all relevant legislative requirements.
  • Assess our organisational activities and identify areas where we can minimise impacts.


You can view our Carbon Reduction Plan here


Our Environmental Management System “EMS” is based upon the ISO14001 standard – GSA is currently working towards obtaining this accreditation.

GSA keeps a register of the environmental aspects, which is kept up to date and takes into account planned new or modified cleaning activities at our clients’ sites and our own offices. All GSA’s cleaning activities at each site are reviewed and discussed with clients to ensure that our operational activity the environmental aspects and impacts of our operations comply with their requirements.

GSA’s own identified direct environmental aspects under our control include:

  • Low emission vehicles for the GSA fleet of cars
  • Recycling all waste at our offices
  • Control of energy use and consumption at our premises
  • Sourcing cleaning machinery which ceases to draw power when fully charged, use minimum amounts of water etc.
  • Sourcing of environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals Our identified indirect environmental aspects mainly include working with our clients’ environmental policies and aspects when we perform our cleaning operations including:
  • Recycling the bottles of cleaning products in line with recycling practices at clients’ premises.
  • Ensuring that our cleaning operations operate in conjunction with any power saving initiatives such as lighting being switched off following the cleaning operations
  • Using low draw down power chargers for battery operated machinery on sites