GSA Policy on Ethics, Slavery and Forced Labour

GSA places great importance upon reviewing and auditing our own labour practices and investigating those of our direct suppliers to ensure there is no slavery or forced labour used anywhere within our organisation or that of our direct suppliers.

The company has implemented an audit system to check that good practice in identifying, deterring and tackling hidden labour exploitation is being consistently applied throughout our business. Anti bribery and corruption policies are agreed and complied with in our supplier agreement processes and we audit this on a regular basis.

Our audit system together with our processes to investigate our labour practices and those of our suppliers was scrutinised and praised by Field Intelligence Officer Immigration Intelligence (Scotland), from the Home Office in Glasgow. Following the Home Office review they undertook a number of training sessions with our management teams, and provided us with documents and material which we have incorporated into our recruitment and employee checking processes.

As part of GSA’s membership with Sedex, the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, the company has gone through a stringent audit process and has positively demonstrated compliance with all legislation.

Guidance on Operational Practice & Indicators of Forced Labour

In addition to this GSA embraces the good practice of operational and management processes detailed in the “Stronger Together” toolkit.