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GSA celebrates its 20th Anniversary this year. Our extensive experience of maintaining the brand and environment for each of our clients means that we can ensure the provision of an efficient and superior, yet cost effective solution for every type of business.

At GSA we consider our people as our biggest asset and the way in which they manage each and every client account to be of paramount importance.

Reputation – Passionate about service delivery and the continuous value our staff provide.

Our people are nurtured and developed from within the company wherever possible. Our talent recognition programme makes certain that we enjoy a very low staff turnover and by investing in each and every one of our staff we provide them with world class training and development programmes, which in turn ensures that they deliver the best quality of services to our clients.

Reliability – Trust and respect from our clients and our staff.

GSA is renowned for reliability, which is why we enjoy excellent client retention. Communication between GSA and our clients is key to reliability, in addition to ensuring that we maintain communication at all times with our teams. Our Account and Regional Managers meet with our clients on a regular basis to review contract performance and discuss all matters pertaining to the provision of the services.

Responsibility – Ownership of service delivery throughout the company.

Our Operations Team are supported by a host of expert teams at head office which are comprised of the following – Help Desk , Service Centre, Human Resources, Finance, Payroll and Administration. Every member of these teams working in conjunction with the Operations Teams work towards ensuring continuity and consistency of service delivery.

Reward – Recognition for a job well done.

At GSA we value open and honest feedback from both our clients. In addition to a robust auditing system we gain a true insight into service performance at our one to one meetings. Therefore, when we receive any positive feedback on performance and/or praise for members of our team, our executive team will reward teams or individuals through the GSA recognition schemes.